Indicador local universal
Marca: LEEG
Modelo: LCD11
Conector: DIN42650-IP65
Salida: Señal 4-20 mA/1PNP


Brief Introduction

24 Bit ADC MCU inside. Customer can use three buttons instead of the potentiometer, to program the zero point, span, decimal point, damping and alarm point etc.


• Backlight big screen, 350° rotation angle.
• 30 more display units, flexible 3 buttons setting.
• 24 bits high precision ADC sampling, lightning protection(4KV).
• Optional on-off alarm output, display and control integration.
• Suitable for 4-20mA transmitters at site display and on-off alarm output.


• Power supply: 4-20mA two loop power supply, max perssure drop 8VDC
• Output signal: 4-20mA two wire signal loop output for option
• Site operation: 3 buttons, all parameters can be modified at site
• Warranty: 12 months under normal use Display parameters
• Accuracy class: ±0.1%F.S., ±1 bit
• ADC sampling: 24 bits
• Housing material: ABS+PC
• Rotation angle: 350°, convenient to observe
• Environmental temperature: -20-70℃
• Storage temperature: -20-70℃
• Humidity limit: 5-85%RH, no outer protection

Industry application

• Process variable
• 4-20mA current value or percentage site display

Información adicional